GTA 4: Iron Man VS Hulk! - (Funny Moments w/ Mods)

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Probably the longest GTA 4 Mod video taken to edit. Finally done. Sorry it took a day longer than supposed to, took longer than expected to edit. Anyways, I present to you two epic mods combined together: Iron Man VS Hulk!

Thank you to "mcThepoogs" for the idea!

● Hulk:
● Iron Man IV:

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Music Used (In Order):
• "Enemy of My Enemy" - MW2 OST
• "Ghostpocalypse - 7 Master" - Kevin MacLeod -
• "Nap Pulls Kip" - Napoleon Dynamite Soundtrack
• "Epic Adventure" - Kosinus Music
• "Pokemon Battle Theme"
• "Dangerous" - Kevin MacLeod -
• "Boulangerie" - LynneMusic
• "Fatal Fight Rock Mix (15 Secs)" - Perre Gerwig Langer
• "Pop Goes The Weasel" - Kevin MacLeod -
• "Strength of a Thousand Men (Remix)" - Instrumental Core
• "Journey Through the Victory" - Instrumental Core

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