ww1 1918 luger p08 9mm parabellum pistol full disassembly (Deactivated)

REASSEMBLY VIDEO HERE: .ww1 1918 luger p08 pistol full disassembly. This pistol is double dated 1918 for the year of production and then dated 1920 and has complete matching numbers apart from the magazine. The 1920 date indicates that the pistol was allowed to be kept in military service after the first world war, and was overhauled by Mauser in 1920 to bring it up to standards. This meant that it had its wooden grips removed and swapped for Bakelite grips and the magazine was swapped from having a wooden base to having an aluminium base.

This gun is completely de-activated so is perfectly legal to own in the UK, it can still be cocked, stripped and dry fired.

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